On July 27th Lynnfield Rotary had the honor of welcoming as speakers Kristin Vogel, Lynnfield’s new Superintendent of Schools as well as Rotary Scholarship winners from last year and the award winners for this year. 

Introduced by Co- President Christine Travers, Ms. Vogel, in her remarks, stressed her commitment to literacy, inclusion and competence for this coming year and throughout her tenure. She is eager to add her imprint to the excellent school system that she has inherited. During the Q&A period, she fielded questions about building suitability and adequacy for the future and the safety issues that would protect our children more effectively. 

Pres Travers thanked Ms. Vogel for coming and then introduced the Scholarship winners. 

Evan Fair and Laura Lim were the Lynnfield High School scholarship winners for 2022. They returned to receive the balance of their $2000 award.  

Evan is a business major at the University of Tampa who has found a passion for the College Dance group. He hopes it will give him an opportunity to explore a career in dance when he graduates. 

Laura Lim is a government major at Dartmouth College.  She stated that she is a passionate Asian American Activist and is involved with the Asian American college group advocating for fair treatment for the Asian community. 

Gavin Fair and Sophia Calle, the 2023 Rotary Scholarship winners, were on hand to receive the first installment of their $2000 scholarship,  

Gavin will be heading to Rutgers University where he will be studying Mechanical Engineering. He is a principal in the non-profit company FMG that focuses on teaching the value of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) to school kids of all ages. This summer he is working at Northeastern with high schoolers age 16 -18 to stimulate their interest in robotics. 

Sophia Calle is going to Providence in the fall joining the Nursing program. She hopes that along with her mandated schedule she will be able to do volunteer work at hospitals in her spare time. 

Also, Christine Travers was honored with a plaque acknowledging her service as Rotary President for 2022-23. And Jack Moynihan was presented with a three-sapphire pin for his continuing commitment to the Rotary Foundation.